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Serving the Alcoholics Anonymous Community in Districts 33, 66 & 67...Berks County PA.


If you want to drink, that's your business.
If you want to stop, that's our business.

Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Call 610 373-6500
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Due to AA meetings being shut down, contributions to GSO have stopped. Remember to Contribute to GSO during this shut down here

COVID-19 Update (Novel Coronavirus)

Please note that individual landlords may choose to close their buildings to A.A. meetings on any given day, so it is possible you will arrive at a building and find that you cannot enter and that the meeting has been temporarily canceled/suspended. Look here for updates
If your meeting closes, moves or re-opens, please notify

NOTICE: (See Zoom Mtgs. at the bottom)
The General Service Office in NY is temporarily shut down.
Intergroup Monthly Meeting is on Zoom (ID: 881 6957 1324
PW: 231633)


6/6- Walnut Street Recovery: Noon Meeting, Limit 25 people, wear mask, bring coffee, no food.

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A Group or meeting that is currently listed on the print version of the Intergroup AA Schedule may convert their meeting to a Posted Zoom meeting on this site if scheduled at its regular meeting time.
All Groups and Meetings must have a password to post.
In keeping with our Tradition of personal anonymity at the public level, we ask that you please do not post your last name on your Zoom picture.


Guidebook for setting up Anonymity Protocols.

Reading Intergroup Requirements for Zoom Mtgs

24 Hours A Day Group: Zoom meeting Sat @ 8:30 PM Mtg ID 864 7701 6284 (PW  437188)
8:15 AM Meeting: Zoom Meeting daily at 8:15 AM Mtg ID: 554 128 4062
(PW 486271)
Zoom Big Book Meeting Sat @ 8:15 AM Mtg ID 969 5249 9596 (PW 1939)
Advent Men's Group: Zoom meeting Tue @ 8 PM Mtg. ID 578 913 373  (PW 604334)

Alpha Group: Zoom meeting Saturday @ 8 PM Mtg ID 457 326 229   (PW westrdg)
Birdsboro Group: Zoom meeting Wed @ 7:30 PM Mtg ID 666 731 770 (PW 023170)
Boyertown Group: Zoom meeting daily @ 5:30 PM Mtg ID 175 148 032 (PW 19512)
Come As You Are Group: Zoom Meeting Sunday @ 7 PM Mtg ID 178 088 824 (PW 286432)
ESH Group: Zoom Meeting Wed @ 8 PM Mtg ID 213 531 0537  (PW 585820)

Freedom From Bondage: Zoom meeting Sunday @ 6:30  Mtg ID 257 363 394 (PW 144752)
Friday Beginners Meeting: Zoom meeting Fri @ 7 PM Mtg ID 857 823 8698 (PW 231164)
Gibraltar Group: Zoom meeting Fri @ 8 PM Mtg ID 734 991 955 (PW 605052)
Great Fact Group: BB Zoom meeting Wed @ 7 PM Mtg ID 778 566 596 
(PW 195790)
Hamburg Big Book: Zoom meeting Thurs @ 7 PM Mtg ID 885 073 9068 (PW 491049)
Happy Hour: Zoom meeting M, W, F- 5:15 PM Mtg ID 111 632 565  (PW 515515)
Interview with an Alcoholic: Zoom meet Thur @ 7:00 216 177 988 (PW 030084)
Just for Today: Zoom meeting Thurs @ 8 PM Mtg ID 904 352 374 (PW 943191)

Jacksonwald Group: Zoom meeting Sun. @ 8 PM Mtg ID 361 784 8640 (PW 917211)
Kutztown Group: Zoom meeting Fri @ 8 PM Mtg ID 213 531 0537  (PW 585820)
Kutztown Sober Living Group: Zoom mtg. Monday @ 7 PM Mtg ID 213 531 0537  (PW 585820)

Kutztown Step Meeting: Zoom mtg. Thurs @ 7 PM Mtg ID 213 531 0537  (PW 585820)
Kutztown University Beginners Meeting: Zoom mtg.Tues @ 8PM Mtg ID:729 6411 0897 (PW serenity)

Language of the Heart: Zoom meeting Mon @ 7 PM Mtg ID 835 198 5182 (PW 760050)
Leesport Group: Zoom mtg. Sat @ 9:30 PM, for info.

Live & Let Live (LGBTQ): Zoom mtg Sun @ 7 PM Mtg ID 325 187 384  (PW 414985)
:Zoom mtg Wed @ 7 PM Mtg. ID 583 180 935 (PW 030453)

Morgantown Group: Zoom meeting Sat.@ 8 PM Mtg ID 979 295 3661 (PW 075236)
Mustard Seed Group: Zoom meeting Sat @ 6:30 PM Mtg. ID 742 8684 4130 (PW 097113)
New Millennium Group: Zoom meeting Sun @ 7 PM Mtg ID
843 0688 7784. (PW sobriety)
Oley Group: Zoom meeting Tue @ 8 PM Mtg ID 730 285 184 (PW 004571)
Saturday Morn. Women's: Zoom mtg Tue,Thur,Sat @ 10:30 AM Mtg ID 938 132 743 (PW 515072)
Sober at 6:30 Group: Zoom meeting Thurs @ 6:30 PM Mtg ID 853 8607 2417 (PW 610582)

Spirit of Recovery Group: Zoom meeting Monday @ 7 PM Mtg ID 247 088 959 (PW 382256)
Springview Group: Zoom meeting Sun @ 8 PM Mtg. ID 262 049 253  (PW 522639)
Teathyme Group: Zoom mtg Tuesday @ 10 AM Mtg. ID 361 784 8640  (PW 917211)
Turning Point: Zoom mtg Mon@10am, Wed@11am & Fri@12pm Mtg ID 342 889 4891 (PW atone)
Twin Valley Group: Zoom meeting Mon @ 7:30 PM Mtg ID 570 921 189  (PW 050600)

Walk The Walk Meeting: Zoom mtg Tue @ 5:30 PM Mtg ID 166 914 428 (PW 605122)
:Zoom mtg Thur @ 5:30 PM Mtg ID 895 158 892 (PW 900910)
Walnut St. Rec. Group: Zoom mtg. Daily 12 Noon Mtg ID 370 705 063 (PW 364095)
Wilshire Fellowship Group: Zoom mtg. Tue, Sat @ 6:45 PM Mtg ID 891 554 5652 (PW 62365)
Wyomissing Group: Zoom meeting Thurs @ 8 PM, Mtg ID 807 940 0701 (PW 6181982)

Women's Courage To Change: Zoom Mtg M, W, F, Sat 6:30 PM Mtg ID 357 377 581 (PW 756726)
Women Living Sober: Zoom meeting Wed @ 10:30 AM Mtg ID 124 377 343  (PW003178)

YASNY Group: Zoom meeting Fri. @ 7 PM Mtg ID 940 125 352  (PW 948783)

On-Line AA Intergroup: On-line Meeting Listings
UPDATED>>> On-Line Intergroup Current Meeting List as of 5-15-2020

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Please check the on-line Schedule first and the Meeting Guide App second for "Suspended" or "Zoom" tags on meetings in the Reading area.



NEW BOOK: Our Great Responsibility
a collection of Bill W. Conference Talks (1951-1970)

Woman's Hope With AA Virtual 5th Anniversary
Friday, June 19th


August 21-23, 2020


Reading-Berks Intergroup is composed of member AA groups located within Districts 33, 66 and 67. These Districts are located in Berks County, Pa.  Reading-Berks Intergroup is one of 11 Intergroups currently existing in Area 59, Eastern Pennsylvania.
Reading-Berks Intergroup is not affiliated with any outside organization or institution. We exist as a central office to serve Alcoholics Anonymous groups in the Berks County areas.

Reading-Berks Intergroup meets as a group on the 4th Tuesday of each month at
Calvary Baptist Church, 
510 Park Ave Reading, PA 19611 at 7:30 PM

Current minutes of Reading-Berks Intergroup
meetings are available by Clicking below...


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The AA Preamble

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions.

AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes.

Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.

Copyright � The AA Grapevine, Inc. Reprinted with permission.


For more information on the Districts that compose Reading-Berks Intergroup 
       please click on the link below:


The Twelve Steps
The Twelve Traditions
The Twelve Concepts

  Circle & Triangle: AA Logo

Central (Intergroup) Offices
and Answering Services
for the US & Canada

Information on AA:
What We Do and Don't Do.

"Mikey the Bookworm" says "Read the Literature" A.A. World Services

Identification Is: 
'The Essence of our Common Bond'

The Legacy of Recovery   
Regarding Non-Alcoholics speaking at 
AA Meetings. Writing by a 
Cofounder of AA, Bill W. 

How Do You Make An Old-Fashioned
12-Step Call?
AA Guidelines from G.S.O.

Reading Intergroup is the active 12-step service arm of the Districts that it serves. Intergroup is often where the alcoholic in need first calls for help. Although Intergroups operate independently of A.A.'s worldwide service structure, it is a vital part of the local Fellowship. Intergroup is supported by the voluntary contributions of local AA Groups.

A reading from our history.........
"Cities and areas had their own special service problems. Unable to reach A.A. on the phone, alcoholics and their families got discouraged as they tried to contact us. This caused needless suffering and sometimes loss of life. Hospitals also became tired of slapdash, irresponsible admittance of patients into their institutions. This condition was not simplicity at all; it was complication. Sponsorship into these places and out of them became imperative; otherwise the hospitals might get fed up and quit. Ignoring the cries of "Let us keep it simple," and goaded by the sheer necessity of the situation, responsible old-timers in such areas would often hire a small office and a paid secretary, and would then act as a management committee for the service center. Next, the old-timers would ask the surrounding groups for voluntary contributions.

When these failed to meet the needs of the simple and inexpensive setup, they often went into their own pockets. If the newly hired secretary happened to be an A.A. member, this was a sure-fire cause for trouble. The often-frightened little gal soon learned that she was considered a "professional A.A.," making money out of it. Of course this was unfounded because primarily she was doing a secretarial job. Over the years the areas learned the same lessons the groups did. They found what was necessary to make an A.A. area function, and what was not. Out of this long travail and struggle, A.A.'s present Intergroup or area Central Offices have emerged. In scores of cities they are doing a vitally necessary job."

Reprinted from AA Comes of Age, Pages 142-3, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.