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Who we are. Where we have been. How we operate.


Who We Are:

Current Intergroup Officers & Committee Chairperson Email Links

Officer Service Position E-Mail Address
Mike M. Intergroup Chairperson
Katie S. Intergroup Alt. Chairperson
Rol S. Intergroup Treasurer
Mark S. Intergroup Secretary
Chris G. Hotline Chairperson
Larry M. Archives Chairperson
Terry C.   Men's Prison Chairperson
Susan W. Woman's Prison Chairperson
Bill C. Literature Chairperson
Tyler J. Schedules Chairperson
Rob C. Institutions Chairperson
Tammy G. Newsletter Chairperson
Misty H. Unity Chairperson
Terry Mc F. Bridging the Gap 
Pete R. Public Information
Alex E. Visitation Visitation@ReadingBerksIntergroup.Org

Greg G.




Where We Have Been:  

Archives: The History of Reading-Berks Intergroup 
Coming Soon
For Archives Information Submission 


How We Operate:

Reading-Berks Intergroup Structure Manual
AA Guidelines for Central or Intergroup Office


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