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Reading-Berks Intergroup
P.O. Box 12157
Reading, PA 19612


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Officer Service Position E-Mail Address
Pete R. Intergroup Chairperson
Clint S. Intergroup Alt. Chairperson
Tammy G. Intergroup Treasurer
Tom H. Intergroup Secretary
Chris G. Hotline Chairperson
Dan P. Archives Chairperson
Larry M.   Men's Prison Chairperson
Susan W. Woman's Prison Chairperson
Bill C. Literature Chairperson
Tyler J. Schedules Chairperson
Carl S. Institutions Chairperson
Brian L. Newsletter Chairperson
Misty H. Unity Chairperson
Steve M. Bridging the Gap 
Michelle H. Public Information
Brandon T. Visitation Visitation@ReadingBerksIntergroup.Org

Greg G.



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