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Intergroup Business Meeting Minutes - March 2021

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Become Your Home Groups Intergroup Representative (IGR)
In areas where Intergroups have been formed such as Berks County, the AA Groups elect an Intergroup Representative and an Alternate, who participate in the monthly Intergroup business meetings with other elected Representatives. These meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at Calvary Baptist Church, 510 Park Avenue, Reading PA. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM and is usually over by 9:00PM



Making A Contribution To Intergroup

Because of our Tradition of self-support, it is very important to be sure that only contributions from members of Alcoholics Anonymous are sent to Intergroup.

Contributions are accepted from AA Groups/Meetings and can be designated for two specific funds:

1) General Fund: This is the 7th Tradition Fund. Monies in this account are used to "carry the message" of recovery to the suffering alcoholic. This fund is used to purchase literature, pay for the Hotline phone service, print AA schedules, pay for phone book listings, rent for achieves storage, Intergroup meeting & Post Office Box rent, printing of the Alternative, postage and supplies, Insurance and internet Hosting and Domain registration. Average expenses are approximately $850/month.
2) Activities Fund: Monies contributed to this fund are used for social activities associated with Intergroup sponsored gatherings. Historically this money has been used to finance the Summer Picnic, a New Year's Eve Alcathon, Unity Events and other activities decided on by the Intergroup membership.

A complete financial report is given each month at the Intergroup Meeting and all expenditures are subject to review and approval by the elected Intergroup Representatives.

When sending contributions, please make the check payable to "Reading-Berks Intergroup" and indicate General Fund or Activities Fund on the bottom of the check in the memo section. Checks without this note will be deposited in the General Fund.

Contributions can be mailed to:
Reading-Berks Intergroup
P.O. Box 12157
Reading, PA 19612

For more information about getting involved as either an Intergroup Representative or as a volunteer, contact:



Join the HOTLINE Committee
AA members with some accumulated sobriety are always needed to join up to take calls from individuals who are reaching out for one reason or another... Contact the Intergroup Hotline Chairperson and volunteer to help


Join other Committees: 
See a list of committees that you can serve on in the Reading-Berks Intergroup Structure Manual..... Click the back button to return here after viewing the Committees of Intergroup.



Volunteer to Help Out on an Upcoming Event
Fun activities are a great way to get people involved. If you want to participate in Intergroup activities but are not an Intergroup Representative, feel free to attend Intergroup meetings and "Volunteer" to help out with any of several activities put on by Reading Intergroup each year.