12th Step Work Through RBI

RBI Twelfth Step Work

Participating in a twelfth step commitment to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous is a fantastic way to pass on the hope and freedom that is available to those who give themselves to this simple program of recovery.

“Nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intense work other alcoholics”. (from pg. 89 in the AA Big Book ©)

It appears we may begin taking in-person meetings back into the Berks County Prison in 2023! Look for updates on the home page and here for more info shortly. 

Men’s & Women’s application forms can be printed here and emailed or sent thru the USPS as part of the Berks County Jail System screening process.  Click on the graphic to access the appropriate one. Instructions on how/where to submit them is on each form. 

PREA Application for BCP

Please Note: Both a completed PREA form & proper BCP form must be sent to the appropriate chair person to start the approval process. Once approved, each applicant must attend orientation training and receive a picture ID in order to attend these in person commitments.

Current Intergroup Institutional Commitments

PLEASE NOTE: To participate in the discussion at ALL of these commitments requires 1 year of

continuous sobriety AND to have completed ALL 12 steps with a sponsor.

For specific details about each commitment, click on the appropriate button below

Claire of Asissi

Haven Wednesday

Haven Friday

Teen Challenge Men

Teen Challenge Women


These are the current twelfth step commitments for March 2023. For more details, or to answer questions regarding them, please contact the Institutions Chairperson