Information for the Professional Community

 Alcoholics Anonymous has a long standing history of cooperation with the   profession community that dates back to its inception in 1935.

 Here are two pamphlets with general information about how AA continues   that legacy.

 To learn how that is happening today in the Reading-Berks AA community,   reach out to the CPC/PI committee (Cooperation with the Professional   Community/Public Information) 

Read ” About AA”, the Quarterly Newsletter for Professionals.

Below are several links for specific categories of professionals. To contact a representative at Reading-Berks Intergroup for details or additional information, please  choose the appropriate committee from the Contact Us page.


Information for Health Care Professionals


Information for
of the Clergy

Information for Corrections Professionals

Bridging the Gap correspondence should be sent to  P.O.Box 2332 Reading ,PA 19608

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