There are hundreds of ways to perform service at various levels in the AA fellowship.  Below are several pamphlets to browse through for ideas how you can get involved in service in your AA community. From the  personal level, your Home Group, District up to to GSO, there are numerous opportunities to get involved and to be of service to others.

 Below are a few service suggestions from Reading-Berks Intergroup. To see what
we are currently doing, check out our monthly meeting minutes >>>>>>>>>>

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Become Your Home Groups Intergroup Representative (IGR)
In areas where Intergroups have been formed such as Berks County, each AA Group may elect an Intergroup Representative and an Alternate. The IGR & AIGR participate in the monthly Intergroup business meeting with other elected Chairpersons & Representatives. These meetings are open to all AA members and are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at One United Church of Christ 1730 New Holland Rd., Reading, Pa 19607.  The meeting starts at 7:00 PM and is usually over between 8 & 8:30PM

Join the HOTLINE Committee
AA members with some accumulated sobriety are always needed to take calls from individuals who are reaching out for one reason or another… Contact the Intergroup Hotline Chairperson and volunteer to help. The Volunteer form is also available HERE.

  Join other Intergroup Committees  
See a list of committees that you can serve on in the Reading-Berks Intergroup Structure Manual….. Click the back button to return here after viewing the Committees of Intergroup. You can reach committee chairpersons & representatives on the “Contact Us” page of this site.

Volunteer to Help Out at an   Upcoming Event
Fun activities are a great way to get involved in the AA community. If you want to participate in Intergroup activities but are not an Intergroup Representative, feel free to attend Intergroup meetings and “Volunteer” to help out on a committee or with any of several activities put on by Reading Intergroup each year.

Browse the official AA service manual BM-31 online: 

EPGSA Structure Manual 2021